The Boarding-House is situated about 6 km from Löttorp, by the only lake of Öland, Hornsjön.
Here are beautiful roads for walking in pine- and leafy-woods and of course on the wastland "Alvaret".
Very close you find miles-long beaches, both on the west and the east side of Öland

Some of the most popular places for excursions you find close by:
The stoneformations by Byerum.
The Thuja-forrest of Skäftekärr.
Neptuni fields and the troll-forrest in Grankullavik.
To the island of "Blå Jungfrun" you can go by boat from Byxelkrok. In the beginning of the summer you find the orchids and other rare flowers in bloom and the groves abounding with birds.
Even far into september you can enjoy the mild climat.
For the childreN you have Lådbilslandet, The Boxcar-country, in Löttorp. There the children learn how to behave in traffic and they can take a drivers licens on the miniature roads.

Öland "Harvest Festival" 28/9 - 2/10 2016

Join the party! We have special menues, Art-pub.
We also sell products from Öland.
Dogs are welcome

We are running the Boarding-House
Lotta Swahn och Jörgen Bandelid

Blå Jungfrun